Isabella is the face behind Acrabaca Massages.

Isabella has always wanted to become a massage therapist, to the point when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?" in her first year of primary school, she replied: "A masseuse". Now knowing the correct term of massage therapist, she is living and breathing her dream.

Isabella’s parents remember her climbing up behind the back of the couch, to give them shoulder massages, or filling up the garden buckets to give foot baths and foot rubs. Isabella always loved making people feel amazing, she noticed from a young age how magical massage was and seeing people's reactions to her giving them a massage. From that moment, she was set on becoming a massage therapist.

In her early 20s studying sports/remedial massage therapy, she wanted to help people in a practical way - be it easing stress tension in the mind, or helping people become more mobile. The benefits of massage are instant, as soon as human contact is made, Isabella says she can see the benefits happen already.

“The power of touch is something that I can't explain in words, it's just... incredible.”

As Isabella studied she realized the unlimited benefits of massage did indeed just go on and on, Isabella fully believes in the power of massage, and that massage has the power to heal the world from stress. Isabella believes wellness comes in many shapes and forms, from eating well, to exercising, to massage, and to how you talk to yourself when no-one is around. Because wellness comes in many shapes and forms, each massage is different from person to person, not one set routine is going to benefit everyone.

“How can I give a body builder the same massage as a new mum with postpartum depression? It's just not going to work, we are all different”

Isabella believes in balance, that's where the name Acrabaca comes from. Sometimes you have to have destruction to be able to create, and shadows to be able to see the light. Acrabaca is a mixture of the word abracadabra - meaning with this word I create, and avada’kedavra - meaning with this word I destroy.

At Acrabaca massages we believe we can destroy stress and tension, to create peace and relaxation.

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